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Information access

As a fully electronic procurement system, Proactis maintains extensive information about past, present, and future purchases. Personalised dashboards, flexible reporting tools, and powerful drill-down capabilities give managers easy access to this information for analysis and decision-making purposes.
Comprehensive information
A complete electronic record of purchasing activity enables analysis and reporting of current, projected, and historical activity, including:
  • Full ‘cost pipeline’ visibility for better management decision-making.
  • Full encumbrance/commitment information for better fund management.
  • Contract and volume information for better price and service negotiation.
  • Workflow information for business process improvement and visibility.
  • Spend analysis by requestor, source and category.
Easy access
  • Personalised dashboards provide instant graphical and exception-oriented visibility of key performance indicators and issues requiring management attention with full access to supporting detail.
  • Reporting with drill-down capabilities make it easy to design clear management summary reports with instant click-through access to lower levels of detail down to individual transactions.
  • User profiles provide security and automate the range of information displayed in reports (e.g. only the accounts a given person is responsible for).