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Global business - fully internationalised solutions

Proactis applications are designed to be used in any and many business cultures, providing a user interface in any language and any currency, managing multiple tax regimes and supporting multiple payment/banking methodologies.  
Multi-language capability tailors the user interface to the right language for every location and user, including all screen and report labels as well as user-defined fields. A range of off-the-shelf language variants is available; languages not currently available can be easily added.
Multi-currency capability manages suppliers in any number of currencies in addition to the “home” currency and allows purchases to be made in any number of currencies.
Multiple taxation methods and rates automatically calculate the correct tax based on location and other factors. Sales tax and VAT are supported with options for withholding and landed cost variants.

Learn how to tackle the issues that a multi-location, multi-business unit organisation is likely to encounter with spend management.