The effects on supply chains when organisations need to diversify

We have identified that managing your supply chain in the current climate is critical to your organisation’s future but for many organisations, it hasn’t stopped there.

The negative impact of global events on an organisation’s financial position or reputation is potentially huge, even devastating, but many organisations are seizing the initiative and stepping up to manufacture much needed new items.
It is clear that, in unprecedented times such as these, some businesses are better set-up for change than others. Huge international companies such as Dyson are now changing their processes, and supply chain, to make ventilators to help the fight against Covid-19.  Fashion companies from Dior to Burberry, to Nordstrom are now making protective masks and gowns. Proactis customer Honeywell has expanded its production and the aerospace facility will now manufacture N95 masks for Covid-19.
While changing your service or adding new products to increase sales is often a positive step, managing the impact of such a sizable change on your supply chain can be complex and fraught with difficulty.
This is a time when the ability to seamlessly move to new suppliers – and getting them onboard as soon as possible – is key. Effectively defining your buying need and selecting the right supplier is also critical for any organisation that wants to minimise risk and ensure a smooth new supply of items. A once slow and tangled process suddenly needs to become quick, streamlined, highly-automated and effortless for everyone involved. Any new suppliers need to hit the ground running promptly to avoid supply chain disruption.
Having the right Sourcing and Supplier Relationship Management tools is imperative for this type of operation, and these new requirements, and focus is crucial.
It’s a tough job to produce new products, especially in such an agile and speedy way, and it challenges even the best organisations in the best of times, but there are several solutions available to help find the “right” suppliers. Companies such as Proactis provide the tools needed for adding new suppliers to your supply chain and managing them accordingly, all while making transactions faster, easier, and more efficient for both you and your suppliers. Setting up new suppliers is quick and easy, and with an intuitive user experience, it ensures both staff and suppliers are comfortable using it.
Making changes to your supply-chain may be easier than you think, and Proactis is here to help you now!