His Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar’s journey to digital transformation of its Source-to-Pay processes

ReThink Series
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As part of a strategic modernisation and transformation programme, H.M Government of Gibraltar (HMGoG) evaluated its Procurement, Purchasing and Finance processes. In doing so, a number of areas for improvement were identified. Phased roll-out programmes, user adoption, and the provision of technology to drive strategic, centrally controlled and managed procurement for central procurement were key considerations.

In this webinar, Karl Rose, Purchase-to-Pay Senior Project Manager at H.M Government of Gibraltar and Ilija Ugrinic, Commercial Solution Director at Proactis, share the key steps in HMGoG’s digital transformation journey – from recognising the need to modernise and unify its Source-to-Pay processes, to how Proactis solutions have provided greater central control of processes.

They also discuss the importance of having the Procurement, Purchasing and Finance functions aligned to enable tangible benefits through the adoption of the range of Proactis solutions, including Sourcing, Supplier Relationship Management and Contract Management, through to Purchase-to-Pay, alongside a phased roll-out of electronic purchase ordering.

Ilija and Karl discuss

  • The challenges faced by HMGoG’s Central Procurement, Purchasing and Finance Teams.
  • The evaluation process that placed these teams at the heart of HMGoG’s transformation initiative.
  • The decision to involve Proactis in the transformation journey.
  • The successful roll-out of solutions in a collaborative, phased approach which ensured ease of adoption and implementation across the organisation.
  • The tangible benefits derived from new visibility of suppliers, contracts, spend and budget.
  • HMGoG’s decision to extend its Proactis solutions to include Invoice Capture to automate the processing of circa 60,000 invoices per year, and the resulting AP process efficiencies.
  • How “best practices” have helped HMGoG to deliver on its modernisation vision.
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The Speakers:

Karl Rose

Purchase-to-Pay Senior Project Manager at H.M Government of Gibraltar

Her Majesty's Government of Gibraltar (HMGoG) is the democratically elected government of the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar, with a population 32,000.
The organisation undertook a thorough review of its Source-to-Pay processes. Hear from Purchase-to-Pay Senior Project Manager, Karl Rose, about the project.

Ilija Ugrinic

Commercial Solutions Director

Ilija joined Proactis in 2014 and, as Commercial Solutions Director, is responsible for business growth and market delivery, with strategic input into product direction and partner management.

Prior to joining Proactis, Ilija was a Director of Intelligent Capture, a business that was acquired by Proactis in 2014. Ilija has very successfully undertaken a wide variety of roles within the area of Spend Control and eProcurement, with proven success and experience in Strategic Partnerships, Key Account Management, Innovation and Sales and Marketing.