Accelerating Spend Control – Maximising the Value from your ERP or FMS

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09:00 - 11:30
25 June 2024



Your ERP or Financial Management System is strategic to your financial operations and the payment of your suppliers. It’s the solution that you integrate other third party solutions with in order to leverage the greatest value.

Managing organisational spend is critical to Finance gaining a strong understanding of its working capital position at any given time. So, do you choose a dedicated spend control provider that promotes a functionally-rich platform that can integrate with your existing ERP/FMS? Or do you adopt what is available from your existing ERP/FMS provider, knowing that it may not be as rich functionally but gives peace of mind by being part your existing solution stack? 

However, there is another way. A modular spend control platform that allows you the flexibility to integrate components of your ERP or FMS, while at the same time accelerating all areas of the Source-to-Pay process. The result is Procurement, Finance and wider purchasers operating with the maximum levels of efficiency and control, and providing functionally-rich capabilities, ideally suited to “people” based processes, with the ability to seamlessly integrate in the world of cloud-based technology.
  • Hear from Platform Housing about how it is modernising its Finance function by transforming the user purchasing experience and improving data quality alongside its Microsoft Dynamics ERP.
  • Learn why now is a great time to add procurement and finance features to your ERP system and the benefits of integrating these functions in the Cloud.
  • Hear a panel discussion with James Arvin from Unit4 (our valued ERP-partner), Craig Barber (Platform Housing) and Proactis Commercial Solutions Director, Ilija Ugrinic.
Join us online on 25 June, with guest speakers, Craig Barber from our customer, Platform Housing, James Arvin from our strategic partner Unit4, and Proactis' very own Commercial Solutions Director, Ilija Ugrinic, as we delve into how "accelerated" ERP solutions, enhanced with integrated Source-to-Pay modules, can empower Finance functions to ensure every pound spent delivers value through cost control, spend visibility and risk mitigation.

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