ReThink '23 | The International Spend Management Event of the Year

People Powered Evolution with Proactis
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Europe | 14 November | Online

ReThink23 | The International Spend Management Event of the Year

Proactis ReThink ’23 is the international spend management event of the year

This year's theme is particularly relevant as we all try to drive organisational growth and maturity, while navigating through economic uncertainty and business continuity. You will learn how People Powered Evolution is key to this, as we focus on people-driven evolution of technology in procurement and finance processes at your own pace in order to drive growth and add value.
The event brings together Proactis, our Partners, finance and procurement professionals, and industry thought leaders to talk about key topics such as spend control, the need for simplicity and agility, and the best tools for managing change; all with people in mind.

It is the perfect opportunity to share knowledge, expertise and experiences, so you can:
  • ReThink your spend management and digital transformation initiatives.
  • Drive cost savings for your organisation.
  • Navigate testing market conditions.
  • Increase operational efficiency for your organisation.
  • Initiate process and technological change.
  • Deliver greater bottom-line value across your organisation.
This is the perfect opportunity for you to benefit from:
  • An innovative new approach to spend control!
  • In depth analysis of current trends from an Analyst keynote speaker.
  • Industry-leading thought leadership sessions exploring the future of finance, procurement and spend management.
  • Best practice case study sessions from Proactis' customers.
  • Insights into what’s happening in the fields of Procure-to-Pay, Accounts Payable and supplier engagement.

Take a look at what we covered at ReThink '22

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