How to Maximise Spend Control in Property Management: The Key Considerations

In partnership with MRI Software

Recent market conditions have put an incredible strain on organisations all over the world, and property management companies are no different. Whether you're managing your own company's properties, or those of your clients, controlling your spend effectively is critical to ensuring business continuity. But, to do this effectively, you need a truly agile spend management strategy. 

In this on-demand webinar, property management experts, Andy Hamilton (Proactis) and Colin O'Reilly (MRI Software), explore the key considerations you need to consider in order to deliver an effective spend management strategy for your organisation, including: 

  • Changing market conditions (e.g., Brexit, the pandemic, inflation, etc.) and how you can quickly and effectively adapt to these.
  • How to gain greater visibility and control of your spend and systems, and why this is so important.
  • The challenges of risk, fraud, and over-payments, and how to eliminate these from your organisation.
  • The importance of true system integration within your organisation, and how this can be achieved with Proactis and MRI Software.
If you work for a property management company and want to make a difference, check out the webinar today!
Colin O'Reilly, MRI Software

With almost 30 years’ experience in real estate software, Colin has held senior positions at many of the major providers in the sector. His particular area of expertise is in the owner and investor space, empowering real estate visionaries - from REITs to commercial agents - towards increased growth, efficiency and visibility through technology. As well as heading up a significant business development and strategic account management team at MRI, Colin’s knowledge and experience means he also leads in developing and implementing overall strategy for the organisation in the investor market. 
Andy Hamilton, Proactis

Andy has over 20 years’ experience helping organisations such as Knight Frank, Savills and SEGRO select and implement both finance and spend control solutions. His background as an accountant, alongside his industry knowledge and broad technical understanding, allows him to help prospects and customers alike to identify opportunities where technology can help their organisations realise tangible outcomes and collaborate with their supply chains more effectively.
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How to Maximise Spend Control in Property Management: The Key Considerations