Can Accounts Payable be turned into a revenue centre?

As a Finance leader, you’re faced with the challenge of driving process efficiencies and ensuring cashflow in order to safeguard their organisations on a daily basis – something which has only been amplified in the last few months. But what if the solution is right in front of you? What if it actually lies in the transformation of Accounts Payable from a business function into a revenue centre? 

Hosted by Gary Simon, CEO of The Modern Finance Network, and Ilija Ugrinic, Commercial Solutions Director at Proactis, they discuss:

  • How realistic it is to turn AP into a revenue centre.
  • Why the evolution of AP is such an important consideration at a time when the need for cost-effective funding, optimised cashflow and supporting supply chains is so critical.
  • How an efficient and highly agile AP function can add value beyond invoice processing and cash, e.g. providing information for Procurement to optimise supply chain performance.
  • What the transformation journey looks like and the steps that can be taken in order to maximise the value AP can deliver to its organisation.
Watch the replay:
Can Accounts Payable be turned into a revenue centre?