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Regardless of where you stand in terms of developing your organisation’s vision for spend management, you almost certainly know you can improve bottom-line performance:
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Proactis has extensive experience of helping organisations achieve Finance transformation goals:

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Proactis ReThink '21:

Now Available On-Demand Until April 2022!

What is Proactis ReThink '21?

Proactis ReThink provides free on-demand sessions that will help you 'ReThink' your spend management and digital transformation initiatives by optimising procurement and finance processes.

The sessions provide focused finance, procurement and spend management content and include dynamic keynote presentations, best practice case study sessions, industry thought leadership sessions, solution insight sessions and much more.

This year's event included exciting thought leadership sessions from the likes of Peter Smith and Andrew Codd and insightful customer case study sessions from University of Essex, Caerphilly County Borough Council and Four Seasons Health Care.