Digital Procurement – Developing your strategy and business case

Based on a Proactis thought leadership session delivered by Peter Smith, Business Author and Managing Director at Procurement Excellence Ltd
This Paper aims to help organisations that are developing or implementing a digital procurement strategy. It starts by outlining the importance of linking digital procurement with the wider aims and objectives of procurement.

The priorities for digitisation will vary by organisation, just as procurement priorities vary, but it is vital that technology supports the overall procurement strategy rather than being chosen in isolation.

It is also critical that internal stakeholders are involved in the process of digitising procurement. Today, pretty much everybody engages with “digital commerce” in their private lives, so has a view on what they want and expect at work. Procurement professionals need to understand those stakeholder needs as they implement digitisation.

The core of the paper then discusses in detail how a compelling business case for digital procurement investment can be developed. It describes the difference between “direct” and “indirect” benefits, and also the “cash” and “non-cash” distinction, which is important to understand. Few business cases need to include every factor described here; but the Paper aims to provide a useful checklist for anyone putting together the case for investment.

Digital Procurement – Developing your strategy and business case
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