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Marketplace Drop-in Clinic (supplier adoption process for punchout and hosted catalogue suppliers)

04 June 2020
13:30 BST
At Proactis, we recognise the challenges our customers are facing in the current situation and have been developing new ways of working to support you. This includes a switch to online implementation and advice, as well as making customer portals and new lines of communication available. 
As part of our strategy to help you maximise the value of your solutions, we'd like to invite you to this Marketplace customer drop-in clinic that will explain the supplier adoption process for punchout and hosted catalogue suppliers and provide you with an opportunity to:
  • Gain real-time answers to your questions from our expert consultants, free of charge.
  • Increase your knowledge of your solution.
  • Maximise your solution capability and functionality. 
  • Encourage solution usage across your organisation.
NB: To maximise the value of the 'customer drop-in clinics' please prepare your questions in advance and post them in the questions box when the session starts. These will be answered in the order they're received.
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