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eRecovery: The Importance of Finance Technology for Recovery, Growth and Futureproofing

In Partnership with GenCFO

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Webinar  |  29 September  |  10:30 GMT

Over the last 18 months, organisations and their finance departments all over the world have been tasked with navigating business critical challenges such as inflation, global supply chain issues and the post-pandemic business environment.

To truly understand how businesses are overcoming these challenges using digital transformation, Proactis launched a new piece of research – the Proactis eRecovery Report – which was conducted amongst circa 1,500 C-Suite decision makers or Board members at ‘major’ companies – those with over 50 employees – and found that major businesses and their finance departments are investing in digital transformation as a means of driving recovery, growth, and resilience for the future.

Join, Chris Argent, CFO Transformation Expert and Founder of GenCFO, as he delves into the importance of this research and explores what it means for the Finance function. He'll discuss:

  • ​Why digital transformation is so important, and the reasons for investment in this area. 
  • The opportunity presented by investment in technology, and the value it can add today and in the future.
  • How Finance as a function can lead the charge to create positive change that will stand the test of time. 

This is a great webinar for any finance leader looking to make a positive change in their organisation – so make sure you secure your place.

Chris Argent, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of GenCFO

Chris splits his time between Digital Finance Function Labs and helping industry CFOs create digital transformation strategy. At the lab, he runs a digital finance strategy and people change lab to get finance started on the digital transformation journey. In industry, he works with finance innovators on digital finance transformation opportunities and behavioural change projects, so leadership can create effective cultures, new teams and value adding business solutions.

Chris started out as an accountant and industry CFO, before moving to household names to lead finance transformation programmes and is now focused on educating organisations in the accounting and finance profession in the digital shift.

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