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Import orders from other applications 

You can do all your purchasing via Rego, but we understand that you might sometimes use another application to create an order. To make sure that you bring all orders into one place and flow you can use the new Order Import API.

This way your users can handle invoice approval in the way they are familiar with, and you will benefit from integrated reporting. 
Import orders from other applicationsĀ 

Bigger is now better, or certainly easier

When sending out a requisition there was a limit on the attachment file size of 10MB. We have now increased that to 25MB.

At the same time, we noticed that a lot of your recipients have a maximum allowed attachment size of 25MB in their mail servers. We have copied that market standard. So, you can add up to 25MB of attachments or include one big attachment of 25MB. Bigger and better!
Bigger is now better, or certainly easier

Friendly by nature

User friendliness is a term that is often used, but hard to define – but we keep doing our utmost to make our solutions as friendly as possible.
For example, we recently made ordering from an internal catalogue easier, we introduced product variations, we made it possible to include financial information when importing data to Contract Management and we limited the eInvoices a user sees to what is relevant for that specific user.
While these are small steps in user friendliness, it is our nature to keep doing them!
Friendly by nature

International by design

Even if your organisation is active in only one country, you are still part of the international ecosystem. Your Rego users might prefer a different language and your suppliers may send you goods from anywhere. 

To support this, we believe in “international by design”. An example of this is, in the first quarter of 2023 we released widgets  for multi-lingual companies, as well as improving time zone support.
International by design

SFTP when needed 

In today’s world, connectivity is key – and at Proactis we strongly believe this.

Like many organisations we prefer to do this with APIs. But we also respect that some connections are done using a more traditional approach.

For this reason, we deliver SFTP connections. 

SFTP when needed
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