Automated Expense Management Software

Gain control of "after-the-event" purchase claims
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Proactis Expenses empowers employees to submit claims accurately and with ease. This in turn, enhances the management experience by minimising the authorisation process and by offering instant access to overview reports.

Ensure compliance with organisational guidelines while providing the employee with visibility of the claim throughout the process and your organisation with a fuller analysis of administrative spend. 
With Proactis you can achieve:
Reduced cost of expense processing.
Improved policy compliance and reduced employee expense fraud.
Quicker reimbursements and a happier workforce due to faster approvals.
A seamless way to track reimbursements, analyse VAT and audit expenses.
Better data for spend analysis.

What you can do

Help people instinctively do the right thing

Proactis empowers employees to submit claims electronically and accurately with ease.

This saves hours of laborious paperwork for everyone - and transforms the authorisation process into an uncomplicated point-and-click operation.

Replace paper processes with a fully electronic system

Employees working remotely or travelling can complete details offline and submit them later. Proactis Expenses is ultra-flexible too, handling multiple claims at any time and applying automatic receipt numbers to make every claim easy to track. Required and automated account coding helps minimise fraud while ensuring proper cost allocation.

Keep everything moving with faster and smarter authorisation

One-click authorisation lets managers forward each claim for payment - or return it to the claimant with any comments. The solution is flexible and the finer details are up to you. You can change rules and authorisation methods easily. Proactis provides visibility, transparency and a full audit trail - plus emails to prompt actions and to provide status updates.

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