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Joining Forces Research:

Research to show why Procurement and Finance must work together to save money and create efficiency gains while increasing compliance and reducing risk‚Äč

How can your organisation us procurement and finance processes to control 100% of spend?

Increasingly, organisations must find ways of doing more with less. We put a series of questions to senior decision-makers and professionals about whether their procurement and finance strategies are as connected as they should be. Questions included: 
  • Does your CFO work hand-in-hand with your senior Procurement people?
  • Does your CFO support strategic procurement and help with the refinement of procurement policies to drive savings?
  • Is understanding, qualifying, monitoring and engaging with your suppliers happening across your business?
  • Are the contracts and best value agreements secured by Procurement fully leveraged?
  • Are there opportunities for improvement in your strategic procurement management?
The answers provide unique and helpful insights that demonstrate that goals can only begin to be achieved when Finance and Procurement work together effectively.
Understand how Procurement and Finance can work together to save money, create efficiency, increase compliance and reduce risk: