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Get end-to-end support
for public procurement


Procurement teams within the public sector need to navigate a complex regulatory framework in addition to the more general pressures and requirements of the purchasing process. Becoming proficient in all aspects of public procurement and developing in-depth knowledge takes time, and in-house experience can come and go. Even if your team has all the requisite skills to conduct procurements compliantly and efficiently, time and workload pressures can sometimes start be a real problem.


Proactis offers a range of consultancy support for public procurement professionals. If your team has a knowledge gap or faces a particularly complex challenge, we can develop a tailored training module or provide direct assistance with any or all stages of the process. Likewise, if your problem is more about limited time and capacity we can partner with you at a critical time to take the pressure off. The level of support you receive is at your discretion: simply tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen.

Proactis capabilities:

Our consultants can help you in areas including:
  • Developing your procurement strategy.
  • Scoping contractual requirements.
  • Creating and editing of bid documents.
  • Evaluating and scoring of submissions.
  • Managing a full procurement process.
  • Bespoke in-house or remote training modules.
  • Tutorial for the myTenders eprocurement service.
Call 01224 650 756 or email [email protected] for more information.