Marketplace Customer Training – Customer Marketplace

12 January 2022
10:00 GMT
Microsoft Teams

As part of Proactis' customer value realisation commitment to help you maximise the value of your solutions, we'd like to invite you to this Proactis ReFresh+ Marketplace session which will focus on:

  • Punching into the Proactis Marketplace.
  • Marketplace pages - catalogue search, quick add, basket history.
  • Punchout catalogues:
    • Punchout from the Proactis Marketplace.
    • Search and select items from the Punchout catalogue.
    • Return basket to Proactis Marketplace.
    • Return basket to finance system.
  • Hosted catalogues:
    • Search string (auto-suggest).
    • Search and select items from a catalogue including custom attributes.
    • Product and image URLs.
    • Product comparison.
    • Find alternatives.
    • Best value functionality including checkout alert.
    • Quantity price breaks.
    • Delivery schemes.
    • Editable price and price POA.
    • Basket history.
    • Related items.

The session will be conducted via Microsoft Teams. Each session will run from 10:00 - 14:00 BST. There will be regular comfort breaks. We recommend that attendees have video cameras switched on to maximise interaction and effectiveness of the session. The Teams session will be available from 09:30 BST for users to ensure that they have access to the session in advance of the training starting.

N.B. These training courses are not free of charge, by completing the registration form to attend the training courses, you are agreeing to be invoiced by Proactis Limited for the amount of £400 (+ VAT) to be settled within 30 days. If you have any questions or queries, please email [email protected].

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