Proactis ReThink '22:
Magnox’s Accounts Payable Journey – From Manual to Fully Automated

  • On Demand Webcast

Having previously relied on manual and inefficient invoice entry and paper handling, Magnox, an organisation that safely manages 12 nuclear sites in the UK, knew that in order to improve and achieve maximum output from their Accounts Payable (AP) function, something had to change.

In this customer focused session, Carl Jenner (Magnox), Dave Doherty (Proactis) and James Arvin (Unit4), will look to explore how Magnox moved from a place of manual invoice processing to introducing a best-of-breed AP solution that integrates seamlessly into their Unit4 Business World solution to deliver process efficiencies, savings and true invoice automation.

The speakers will also delve into:

  • What Magnox's invoicing process looked like from the outset of the project before they implemented Proactis.
  • Magnox's project objectives prior to implementation.
  • How Proactis' AP solution complements Magnox's Unit4 ERP solution and the importance of this in driving visibility.
  • The tangible impact of their AP transformation and plans for the future to continue success.
Watch the session:
Magnox’s Accounts Payable Journey – From Manual to Fully Automated