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Proactis helps WiFi SPARK bolster and strengthen bid management

Executive overview


Vertical sector
Private Sector

No. of staff

Operates in
United Kingdom


  • Improve future bids through bid management review and previous bid audit.
  • Strengthen its stock responses and proposals.

How Proactis helped

  • Open communication and in-depth analysis.
  • Helped employ proven, best practice bid management techniques.


  • Clearer understanding of the bid management process.
  • Ability and knowledge to bolster and strengthen bid management approach and quality of future responses.
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WiFi SPARK is a public WiFi provider in healthcare, retail and transport. It is a medium sized company with approximately 68 employees and a turnover of several million pounds..

The company was aware of the consultancy expertise of Proactis and its experience in dealing with bid management processes in the public sector. Following an initial call, the scope of the project was discussed.


WiFi SPARK had a particular unsuccessful proposal in mind, in which they felt they had a very good chance of winning, so wanted a better understanding of how they could of tightened up the response.

Rebecca Duffin, Marketing Executive at WiFi SPARK stated: “Our main aims for appointing Proactis were to strengthen our stock responses, review our bid management strategy and learn from previous lost submissions.”

How Proactis helped

“Initial consultations were detailed and well-planned and I was assured of the whole process, including when and what I would receive and by whom,” continued Rebecca. “This completely put my mind at rest and I could literally let the team get on with it.”

The initial scope was proposed and then refined after conversations to make sure it was exactly as required. Proactis undertook the necessary research, including detailed reviews of unsuccessful bids, to decide which elements to focus on. Following a full review of the bid management process that was previously in use, improvements were suggested.

The work was carried out within a 4-week period including various interactions with WiFi SPARK and final reports, providing new insights into its approach and tangible actions to improve future bids. In a recent submission WiFi SPARK received a score of 100%.


“I received regular updates about how the process was going and the results were descriptive and intuitive. I also had many conversations over the phone to go over some of the findings which then led to deeper discussions about tips, tricks and techniques that have helped other customers which I can also use,” added Rebecca.  

Having implemented the learnings from the process and bid reviews, and having updated its tender library, the company is now in a position to confidently enter new bids and proposals.  

“I felt the consultative approach by Proactis meant I came away with a clear understanding of what we needed to do to bolster and strengthen our bid management going forward,” concluded Rebecca.