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IMI CCI gains control and
visibility of global spend
across 22 locations in 14 countries

Executive overview




No. of locations

No. of users

No. of POs
500 per month

Vertical sector


  • Visibility of global spend to drive supply base rationalisation and cost reduction.
  • A consistent global framework and transactional process for management of indirect spend.
  • Compliance with corporate purchase approval matrix and local regulations for supplier usage.

How Proactis helped

  • Single Purchase-to-Pay solution deployed across 22 locations in 14 countries within 9 months.
  • Total global indirect spend is now systemically managed; average purchase order (PO) volume approaching 500 per month plus numerous blanket orders for ongoing services, utilities, etc.
  • Supply Chain Management now has visibility of global supplier base across spend categories, as well as detail of what is being purchased.

Benefits to IMI CCI

  • Indirect purchases and supplier selections now comply with corporate authorisation policies.
  • Nearly 100% of new supplier and purchase approvals go through one common system.
  • Local Accounts Payable teams have PO and receipt visibility to enforce 3-way match requirement for payment; and use workflow to speed troubleshooting.

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IMI CCI, Inc. is a global provider of severe service control valve solutions used in the power industry, oil and gas industry, and pulp and paper plants globally. With headquarters in California, IMI CCI has sales and services offices with direct employees located in 15 countries, and has representatives in over 60 other countries.

Over its 50 year history, IMI CCI has grown both organically and by acquisition of a number of companies around the world. IMI CCI now serves a worldwide customer base with offices and facilities in the Americas, Europe, Asia and South Africa.


Like many companies that have grown greatly over time, IMI CCI found itself with widely disparate information management systems.

One particular area IMI CCI knew was critical to transform was the management of indirect spend. There was also little chance of instituting consistent authorisation controls, policy and regulatory compliance, or centre-led procurement without a single spend management framework. IMI CCI therefore made deployment of a global spend management system, using one common platform for all locations, a top priority.

How Proactis helped

After looking at a number of alternatives, IMI CCI selected Proactis. One key reason being that it would enable simple and rapid global deployment tailored to IMI CCI’s business needs. In addition to providing multi-currency, multi-language and multi-tax handling capabilities, Proactis had the flexibility to manage workflow and other variations across IMI CCI’s many different local organisations while maintaining a common global framework of polices and controls.

Using Proactis, the goal of rapid global deployment was met, and the system was rolled-out across 22 locations in 14 countries in less than seven months. IMI CCI’s total spend is now being managed by the Proactis system. Many ongoing services such as utilities, car leases, maintenance, IT services, etc. are set up on blanket purchase orders, plus discrete PO volume is approaching 500 a month. The range of people directly using Proactis continues to increase with the number of users approaching 400.

Benefits to IMI CCI

Today, nearly 100% of new supplier approvals and purchase approvals go through one common system worldwide. Workflows for supplier approvals ensure compliance with both company policies and local regulations – for instance in China. Workflows for purchase approval ensure compliance with a corporate approval matrix.

Although Accounts Payable (AP) functions are decentralised and use a variety of different financial systems, each country now uses Proactis for 3-way matching of incoming invoices before authorising payment. Policy now requires a PO and receipt for every discrete PO, so AP is able to act as a primary driver to ensure transactional rigour. When there are discrepancies, AP personnel in each country use Proactis workflow to resolve them quickly and easily.