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Halliburton reduces purchase order costs by 75% using Proactis Catalogue Management

Executive overview


Operates in
80 countries

Customer since

No. of employees

No. POs processed
126,000 p.a

Vertical sector


  • Increase purchasing visibility and controls with global eCatalogue capabilities.
  • Streamline the Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) process while accelerating responsiveness.
  • Improve purchase order (PO) accuracy and encourage compliance with procurement processes.
  • Minimise procurement time and resources.

How Proactis helped

  • Provided a flexible solution to create, deploy and manage 34 catalogues and $86M of purchasing spend, across 80 countries.
  • Improved adoption with self-select purchases from a customised shopping cart-enabled website - including full localisation and internationalisation.
  • Managed supplier on-boarding and training, including content optimisation.

Benefits to the authority

  • Eliminated 60% of P2P process steps.
  • Reduced PO costs by more than 75% - creating a benefit of approx. $3.54M.
  • Achieved contract compliance cost savings of $1M in the same year.
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Founded in 1919, Halliburton has more than 80,000 employees operating in 80 countries, including 15 research centres. With headquarters in Houston and Dubai, Halliburton is one of the world’s largest providers of products and services to the global energy industry.

Nearly five years into utilising an online supplier eCatalogue system, Halliburton grew frustrated with the system’s limitations on the number of users, only being able to accept large suppliers and an inability to accommodate hosted catalogues.


As a large global company, Haliburton needed a global Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) eCatalogue solution that guaranteed fast user adoption and greater procurement system utilisation. The objectives were to provide easy access to supplier catalogues and websites, efficient processing of orders and to ensure accurate prices, while minimising procurement time and resources.

This included speeding up the process by which staff could access information and ensure supplier content is kept up-to-date. A preferred suppliers list would ensure staff did not have to research for best value and are still being provided with a choice of suppliers. It was important to provide staff with relevant localised information and an understanding of the purchasing process within the organisations strategy for a smooth and effectively run operation. In addition, the organisation needed the flexibility to adapt to changes quickly.

How Proactis helped

The Proactis solution included a comprehensive dashboard to manage all catalogue activity, to facilitate buyer-supplier collaboration, and to provide visibility into catalogue update status. This included using Business Support Centres (BSC) across the world as “hubs” and hosted catalogues to deploy and maintain catalogues, as well as prioritise opportunities and ensure accountability. Within a year, they expanded their catalogue program by 300% and spend through the solution grew to $86M.

Using Proactis, Halliburton is now able to manage the ongoing global needs of suppliers and users: managing complete supplier on-boarding and user-friendly eCatalogue search to provide optimal procurement efficiency, with visibility and accountability. The company’s $20B in spend and 126,000 eCatalogue PO’s with external suppliers called for payments to be made to approximately 30,000 suppliers. The ability to view catalogue approval workflow, validity periods of catalogue and contracts, and number of products per catalogue or supplier, has made purchasing more efficient and ensured compliance.

Benefits to Halliburton

Within 30 days, Halliburton streamlined the requisition process and eliminated 60% of Purchase-to-Pay process steps with the implementation of Proactis. This included expanding the use of hosted catalogues by 300% and providing customised order and product comparison with localisation and internationalisation to support global reach.

Halliburton achieved significant cashable savings including: reduced PO cost by more than 75% - using Proactis PO cost was $9.18 vs. traditional PO cost of $37.32, creating a benefit of approximately $3.54M. Contract compliance yielded a further $1M of savings.

Additionally, Halliburton’s end users and suppliers are able to use the online secure portal with assurance their information is protected throughout the engagement process.