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The best companies require the best people.

When a group of responsible, diverse people with shared values work together as a team, they can achieve great things.

And at Proactis, our core values — our Customers, our People, our Planet, our Quality, our Concept of One — are in everything we do.

We encourage you to bring yourself — your unique skills, experience, ideas and perspective — to Proactis, and we will help you nurture and develop them towards the next phase of your career progression. We are not only an employer, we are your career partner.

Our People

One of our core values is Our People: We will support you to be successful by providing enriching experiences and opportunities to develop and progress. Ultimately, people are at the heart of everything we do. 

We are committed to engaging, rewarding and empowering employees. Our approach is to support your goals and personal growth, to define a clear career path and the resulting internal and external opportunities - whether with Proactis or elsewhere - while encouraging a work / life balance. We offer flexible working opportunities with the simple idea that we trust you to deliver results.

This is what supportive relationships are about. We encourage you to perform your role in the most productive manner, in a way that suits you. 


As well as helping some leading brands control 100% of their spend, our staff enjoy many added benefits including:
  • Work / Life balance suited to your needs. 
  • Development opportunities and training.
  • Supportive and modern working environments.
  • Competitive financial packages.
  • Structured contribution to proactis Values and policies. 
  • Help and advice with your career path. 
  • Support through the next phase of your career.
  • Access to strategic alliances with international consultancies for your next steps. 
“Proactis is a dynamic, team-driven place to work. Our culture empowers employees to achieve their personal, career and organisational objectives. We pride ourselves on nurturing and developing talent, and we rely on ALL Proactis colleagues to help define who we are as a company. We believe in long term partnerships with our colleagues, whilst with Proactis and beyond, and we will support our people to be successful by providing enriching experiences, development and career progression opportunities, and help and advice, now and in the future."
Tim Sykes, CEO

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