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Four Enablers of Engagement

We have identified four enablers of Employee Engagement. These are what make strong engagement, and we are dedicated to each. They help us to continue to focus on and invest in Employee Engagement:



We have developed an Employee Engagement strategy to ensure that Proactis colleagues are happy, focussed, engaged and able to achieve all that they want.

Our Employment Engagement strategy is based around obtaining feedback about 6 key themes:‚Äč
  • My job - how you feel about your role is vital, and we are eager to understand your thoughts and ideas about what is working well, and what can be improved. 
  • Personal to me - we celebrate diversity and the importance of continuous innovation relating to how our people are engaged, led and rewarded for doing quality work.  
  • My team - the key to any success is teamwork, and learning from your experiences will not only help you, but your colleagues too. 
  • My manager - your manager wants to foster an environment of teamwork and open, constructive communication - and you can help.
  • Our business - we believe that colleagues are more engaged and inspired when there’s a clear goal for the business that they can get behind.
  • Leadership - a leadership team should be approachable, clear in its plans and open about developments throughout the company. 
We have the processes and tools in place to ensure that we fulfil our Employee Engagement goals.  

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