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One of the world's leading property agents to transform and automate its procurement processes

22 November 2018 - Proactis, the global spend management and B2B eCommerce company, today announced that one of the world's leading property agents, has selected Proactis to achieve end-to-end transformation of its source-to-pay processes.

The organisation uses a significant number of suppliers and as part of a company-wide financial transformation project, it was quickly identified that the current procurement process was in need of modernisation, including how the whole organisation procures and pays for goods and services and manages its supply chain.

Proactis was selected to achieve its transformation goals.

On an ongoing basis, Proactis will support the full supply lifecycle process – supplier engagement, qualification, recruitment, on-boarding and compliance – while centralising, collating, assessing and managing critical supplier and contract performance. Proactis will also provide full integration with multiple-ERP and Property Management systems with information that comes into Proactis being automatically routed to the right place.
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