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About Proactis

Spend management and B2B eCommerce solutions for faster, leaner, smarter organisations


We help buyers and sellers eliminate wasted time, money and talent by transforming the way they buy and sell goods and services – in ways that gain and sustain the greatest bottom-line value for them. 
We help buying organisations manage costs by taking the waste out of all their non-payroll spend. And we help selling organisations improve sales by taking the waste out of their B2B sales processes.

We do this by delivering advanced technology and service solutions that help both parties streamline internal processes and revolutionise the way they engage and interact with each other.
The world is moving to a new, more challenging economy: The digital economy.

It’s an economy that demands maximum efficiency, so it’s an economy that’s increasingly driven by technology-based business models.
The digital economy is an economy where organisations of all types must find ways of doing more with less in order to effectively compete or serve.  It’s an economy that demands maximum efficiency and is increasingly driven by technology-based business models.

Forward-looking organisations know this. They know they need to operate faster, leaner, smarter in order to thrive in the coming years. And they know wasted time, money and talent is what gets in the way.
Our solutions:
Buyers gain greater value. Sellers gain greater sales.
Everyone gains greater efficiencies.

Our comprehensive family of tailored solutions are built around core concepts and capabilities derived from real-world experience combined with leading edge technologies that make them ‘just feel natural’ simple to use – largely self-managing and highly adaptable. Most importantly, they are designed to deliver true bottom-line impact.

ReThink Spend Management

Integrated suite of Source-to-Pay solutions that streamline every aspect of buying and paying for all types of goods and services, while eliminating risk.

ReThink Sales

Integrated digital marketing, selling and invoicing solutions that streamline the entire B2B sales process

The Business Network

Making all forms of interaction and commerce faster, easier and more cost effective
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