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Automate the processing and management of your invoices

Enable your Accounts Payable team to automate the management and processing of all invoices

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We understand your
invoice management challenges

  • Invoice processing is a high touch, manual activity.
  • Inefficient, error-prone process leads to excess costs and inaccurate, late payments.
  • Unstructured invoices – dealing with all types of invoices (which have no common format) across the supply chain is a challenge with many issues.
  • Lack of efficiency eliminates the ability to take advantage of early payment revenues.
  • The opportunity for broader finance transformation is difficult until accounts payable processes are improved and automated.
  • There is limited visibility of invoicing data.


We have
the solution

With Proactis you obtain a highly automated, lower cost process that streamlines processing of all invoices from receipt to payment. It provides you with real-time visibility of what's happening in your finance operation, unlocking the key information you need for enhanced financial decision making.

By streamlining the whole process from receipt to payment, using 2 or 3-way matching, you can unlock cash flow, minimise risks and improve productivity . 

What you can do

100% invoice capture

Regardless of the format you receive invoices, from PDF to paper, using our leading scanning and processing technology these can be digitised quickly and easily. Over a 12-month period we process approximately 6.2 million paper and PDF invoices through our AP technology (72% PDF and 28% paper).
Bedford Borough Council reduces invoice processing time by over 60% with Proactis Invoice Capture.

From cost-centre to income generator

By turning around supplier payments in days rather than weeks, rates can be negotiated with suppliers, bringing longer term savings and stronger supplier relationships. Quickly onboard new suppliers, allow them to edit their information and add missing PO numbers as part of a ‘No-PO, No-Pay’ policy.
Read how the City of Wolverhampton Council transformed to ‘No PO, No Pay.’

Strategic invoicing

Getting all suppliers to submit electronic invoices from the source is clearly the most efficient strategy, however in many cases is an unrealistic expectation. A buying organisation therefore needs to look at its digital ready-suppliers in the first instance to ensure they submit eInvoices from the source, and then support the rest of its supply chain with an agile AP strategy that can handle all invoice formats.

Quick turnaround

Whether you're looking to outsource invoice processing or want to reduce your team's time spent on manual entry, we have a solution to fit. We offer both a managed and self service solution, providing 100% electronic invoices and touch-less processing from day 1.
Companies and their Finance departments are being forced to adapt and be agile. Time doesn’t stand still, financial obligations must be respected, and business needs to keep going. The continuity, and adaptation, of accounts payable and invoice management is crucial.

Empower your Accounts Payable department with efficient, accurate, and timely invoice processing.

With Proactis’ invoice management
solutions, you can:

  • Reduce Accounts Payable costs.
  • Achieve 100% capture of all invoices from day one.
  • Reduce manual entry errors.
  • Improve supplier relationships.
  • Benefit from early payment revenues with suppliers.
  • Achieve improved cashflow.
  • Improve audit visibility and reduce fraudulent activities.
  • Convert any invoice format into an einvoice.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your Finance/ERP system for matching and approval.

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Hear from our customers...

Bauer Media achieves straight-through invoice processing and payment with Proactis

"Proactis really understands our business. Due to the nature of our sector, invoicing is not always straightforward. Often our requirements are non-typical, such as our self-billing process, but Proactis worked with us to come up with an ideal solution."

Head of Transaction Processing
Bauer Media Group

Mears Group increased Accounts Payable performance by 500% (1,600,000 invoices p/a)

"Before Proactis we were processing 20,000 invoices amongst a team of 8 every month. Today, we are processing 100,000 invoices. We have absorbed the additional growth without any additional resource, whilst improving accuracy and reporting."

Group Financial Controller
Mears Group

Wigan Council achieved 66% processing cost savings

"We were centralising our AP function in order to automate our Purchase-to-Pay process, which was drawn out and dominated by paper and inefficient manual methods. Proactis, integrated with our Unit4 system, delivers efficiency savings of over 66%."

Strategic Finance Manager
Wigan Council
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We are able to help reduce time spent on invoice processing with our managed or self-serve invoice capture and automation solutions. We can digitise 100% of your invoices, regardless of the format you receive them in, allowing you to remain agile to the changing demands on your business. 

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