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Proactis Auction Managed Service
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Find and secure new opportunities to deliver greater value

You will know that the time and skills needed to run effective sourcing events can be scarce. And delivering value across every category can seem insurmountable, with thin margins, rising costs, unpredictable customer demand and difficult supplier negotiations and relationships.

This is why Proactis does the heavy lifting for you

With the Proactis Auction Managed Service, our expert team will run the auction process on your behalf using our solutions. You stay in complete control throughout the procurement process, choosing which supplier you want to participate, we simply set up the event, provide supplier training and run the bidding process on your behalf.

The British Heart Foundation found the Proactis managed Auction an extremely quick and straightforward process to set up and execute.
“Efficiency is not easily explained or proven, but if you talk about the price of goods before and after a live auction, the results are inarguable” John Butcher, ex CPO of Merlin Group (Supply Management magazine March 2019).
We have the solution
Proactis’ innovative turnkey approach to sourcing – an enterprise-wide, unlimited, full service eSourcing package – creates instant confidence that you are getting the best value, every time.
For more than nineteen years, Proactis (formerly Intesource) has extended in-house buyer expertise for both direct and indirect spend – even for the most unconventional reverse auction projects. The process drives operational efficiencies and additional value – freeing up your staff’s time to focus on more strategic initiatives.
Full visibility throughout the process

We ensure that your teams and suppliers attending the auction are clear on how it works, are set up and receive all the information they need. Our team will also handle and resolve any supplier issues and answer relevant questions. You will have dedicated access to our team for any queries.

We do the heavy lifting for you

Our team will set up the auction and manage it throughout. This includes the auction processes and information, all real-time communication during the auction, resolving any technical issues and ensuring the auction runs smoothly and effectively.

Extensive support when you need it

Our full supplier training auction mirrors how the live event will run. Your suppliers (and buyers) can take part in this dummy run, making everyone feel more confident going into the real thing. All queries are already answered. Optional on-site supplier engagement days include Proactis experts and your key people running through the process.

Clear reporting at all times

After the live auction we will send you a report containing final rankings for suppliers on each lot, all bids made and the graphs. The information can also be accessed directly from within the system and are exportable in Excel format.
With Proactis Auction Managed Service you can achieve:
  • Savings from more and better agreements.
  • Reduced cost of supplier non-performance and non-compliance.
  • Reduced administrative cost per agreement.
  • Freed-up time to perform more sourcing events.
  • Improved organisational productivity, agility and morale.
  • Improved process compliance and transparency.
  • Full buy-in with full supplier training and on-site supplier engagement days.
  • Auctions run on price only, price and quality, and potentially over numerous lots or baskets of goods.
Customer success stories

Association of Greater Manchester Authorities

The procurement project for 50 refuse vehicles was driven by the requirement of five of the member councils and was managed by a Vehicle Procurement Management Maintenance (VPMM) team working in conjunction with Proactis. The team adopted a new approach to the tender of the vehicles, which saw them move from procurement of the vehicles as a whole to specifying the chassis, body and bin lift separately.

This resulted in an increased number of potential suppliers for the project and therefore an increased level of competition.
“The development of a shared specification for refuse vehicles across AGMA is a real achievement for the vehicle procurement management maintenance team. We’ve gained a range of benefits including realising significant savings and increasing market competition, whilst also supporting local suppliers.”
Benefits to AGMA
Utilising the Fleet vehicles framework and Proactis’s Auctions solution, AGMA was able to provide the councils involved in the project with savings of over £680,000 and has created ‘best practice’ for future collaborative vehicle procurement projects.
In addition to financial savings from the refuse vehicle procurement, the Proactis solution also improved the transparency between the AGMA member councils and the prospective suppliers, enabling them to contribute directly to the specification of the project and have complete visibility of the process.

London Borough – Staffing Project

Agency staffing is a high spend area for all local government bodies. This particular Borough was no different, with increased reliance on the service and the level of spending. As the incumbent staffing contract was due to expire, existing suppliers were invited to submit a competition tender and attend a bidder clarification session. The Borough held meetings with Proactis to discuss the feasibility of an Auction for this and made the decision to proceed with the Auction Managed Service.
Successful suppliers were then invited to participate in a live auction event – this change to the process meant suppliers were given a chance to respond on pricing that they would not normally have had in a standard tender process. The Proactis team worked in conjunction with the London Borough to structure the auction event and maximise potential savings.
“Proactis enabled us to hugely reduce the cost of a very high-profile contract without compromising the quality of that agreement.”
Benefits to the Borough
The Auction proved to be a great success. The auction process was critical in driving down the cost while still maintaining the quality of the selected supplier. The winning supplier reduced its starting bid by 11% as a direct result of the auction process, translating into savings of over £2.93m a 39% reduction on the baseline cost of the previous contract. The Borough also now has a best practice procedure in place for future Auction procurement of goods or services.