Staying Covid-19 secure at Proactis – Risk Assessment

At Proactis we are committed to creating and maintaining a safe working environment and protecting employees and others from contracting Covid-19.

We have carried out a detailed risk assessment and put in place a number of guidelines and measures which will be continuously reviewed and updated as necessary. This document demonstrates how as a business we are complying with the latest UK Government guidance and working to ensure the safety of our team members.

The risk assessment has been developed with reference to the UK Government’s Working safely during Covid-19 in offices and contact centres, guidance for employers, employees and the self-employed and is the principal Covid-19 risk assessment for Proactis businesses in the United Kingdom, and will form the basis of tailored individual Proactis office Covid-19 risk assessments where required.

This document is correct at the time of publication and will be regularly reviewed. The document will continue to be updated in line with changes in UK Government guidance and new versions will be published from time to time to reflect these updates.

Download Covid-19 Risk Assessment