Enable staff to buy quickly and easily from approved suppliers
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With Proactis, you obtain an easily managed framework for providing employees with access to authorised supplier catalogues and websites – ensuring that the easiest way to find and buy something, is in fact, the right way.

Manage supplier and in-house catalogues, provide access to authorised supplier websites, utilise external marketplaces and even provide visibility to existing inventory. All this information is then available throughout the organisation. 
De voordelen van Proactis:
lösungen für das ausgabenmanagement
Streamlined purchasing process and seamlessly introduce spend control.

unternehmensweite beschaffungslösungen
An electronic collection of items to purchase, which represents the goods and services bought in the normal course of business.

Unternehmen und effizientere Lieferantenverwaltung
Reduced administration cost and effort with supplier self-service catalog maintenance.

lieferantenrisiko management
Enhanced search and retrieval experience and deliver the same consistent, complete and correct information to every requester.

Put your supplier catalogues in one place – and let them keep them up to date

The items offered to your buyers all come through from a central repository of authorised goods and services from approved suppliers.

Key information is displayed with every item, while your P2P system picks up the financial coding you need for account posting and spend analysis. Self-service capabilities for suppliers make it easy to keep catalogues up to date.
Catalog Management - Catalog repository

Get the best of the web - from within your system

Website punch-out connections enable your employees to access external eCommerce websites. Your users simply browse the website and select items. Their shopping cart is then pulled into your P2P system.

It's run through the normal authorisation process, and then the order is placed with the website or via a PO sent to the supplier.
Catalog maintenance and publishing

Widen your choice, while keeping it simple

Proactis Marketplace offers a single entry point to numerous suppliers and products – via a growing eCommerce website managed by us.

It provides you with a single point of access to many shared catalogues, contracts and punch-out connections from industry-focused suppliers and buying consortiums  
Supplier self-service catalog maintenance
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