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Invoice Processing

Before beginning your "assessment", let's outline the scope of what is being covered in this area. For the purposes of this exercise, we are defining the invoice management process as follows:
The "downstream" processes of Purchase-to-Pay (P2P).

The process of receiving, coding, validating, approving, authorising for payment, and analysing invoices. Specifically:
  • Invoice capture and coding.
  • Invoice validation and matching.
  • Discrepancy resolution.
  • Payment authorisation.
  • Supplier communication.
  • Reporting and analysis.

This includes all types of supplier invoices, such as:
  • Invoices that reference a PO.
  • Invoices with no referenced PO where there should be.
  • Non-PO invoices such as utility bills, recurring payments, scheduled contract payments, PCard bills, etc.
  • Invoices received either electronically or on paper.
Assess how well your
organisation is performing