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Systems integration

A spend management system must integrate seamlessly with an organisation’s financial, ERP and other supply chain systems in order to provide true spend control. It must also be able to integrate with procurement processes that may be outside its scope or already in place. Recognising this, Proactis has been designed to be “agnostic” to other systems. As such, it is built with clear integration points that utilise industry standards and tools to make integration into your system environment easy to implement and manage.
Data synchronisation
Best-in-Class software demands specialisation in the data held for specific business entities (e.g. supplier records). Proactis uses standard Microsoft tools to keep any such entities synchronised across systems at all times. The tools employed depend upon the frequency and method of update and, to some extent, the capabilities of the source or target application. Both scheduled or immediate updates, targeted or sourced normalisation are available.
Transaction initiation
Whilst request and ordering functions are standard features of Proactis software, sometimes other systems initiate these transactions – Proactis simply receives them into its workflow. All purchases are recognised as encumbrances/commitments using automatic posting into your Financials from Proactis. All accruals are managed automatically as the purchasing transaction proceeds through its workflow, until finally a request for payment is posted into Financials, and a “payment made” marker returned from the Financials when effected.
Inter-system interaction
Proactis uses synchronised data to build Account Code structures and to perform interactive validation against your chart of accounts and user-profiles. Through the life of the transaction, budgets and commitments are checked against your Financials at point of interaction to produce an up-to-the-moment view. Integration with Document Management systems provides an in-line view of the source document as a drill down from the electronic transaction.
Standards and tools
Proactis software is built upon Microsoft technology and all integration tools are industry-standard. The integration methodology delivers forward compatibility and leaves you in control of the approach you take to adopting new product features as your applications are upgraded.