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Places for People optimises the Source-to-Pay process with Proactis Sourcing, Contract Management and Invoice Automation

Executive overview


Vertical sector
Housing, Property Management

Properties managed

Operates in
United Kingdom

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  • Improve transparency and due diligence across the Group’s tendering process.
  • Compliance with European directives for tender processing.
  • One unilateral view of all contract documents and supply chain partners.

How Proactis helped

  • Ensured that the tendering process was transparent and auditable.
  • Provided a centrally hosted contracts repository visible/accessible across all departments and companies, with a clear understanding of the duplication that exists within the supply chain.
  • Refined procedures to automatically capture and extract data from invoice documents.

Benefits to Places for People

  • Access for all to the same contract and supply chain information.
  • Linked Procurement and Finance by encouraging 'straight-through processing.'
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Places for People is a large-scale placemaking and regeneration business, providing homes and services at every stage of people’s lives, from student accommodation and homes for first-time buyers, right through to retirement villages. The business owns or manages over 195,000 homes and runs more than 120 leisure facilities.

Places for People uses Proactis Sourcing to manage the tendering process and Contract Management to drive maximum efficiency and visibility from every supplier contract.


The organisation wanted all contract information on a central platform that could be shared online to make it secure and visible across all the businesses and areas.

Time consuming audit trails and changes in legislation needed to be considered, with European directives stating that all tender processes had to become completely electronic.

How Proactis helped

The Group publishes between 30 and 40 formal, large scale tenders a year. Smaller, less complex tenders are published using Proactis Quick Quote functionality. With Proactis Sourcing, all tendering documentation is now held centrally, providing a full audit trail of the whole process and ensuring the Group complies with rules and regulations, i.e. bids can’t be viewed until the deadline has passed. And when any documents need amending it’s all done in one place, and can be shared with all interested parties.

Places for People uses the supplier portal within Proactis Contract Management to work with its Unit4 Business World On! ERP system to capture all supplier requirements, in terms of insurance levels and accreditations. Instead of having to verify every response to every question, the entire process is reduced regarding time scale, and provides an audit trail as all information is captured and can be shared.

Proactis has provided complete visibility and understanding of the duplication that exists within the supply chain and this has enabled Places for People to start a de-duplication process. It also became clear that there were multiple contracts across the Group for very similar groups or services, and Proactis has enabled better management of this consolidation process - where four or five existed before, only one contract now exists. Places for People gets the benefits of scale, the supplier gets the benefit of increased commitment and everyone gets complete visibility of information.

Benefits to Places for People

By using Proactis, Places for People has a holistic view of the whole tendering process and was fully electronic five years before the European directive was mandated. With all information that relates to a particular tender in one system, the Group has access to one single point of information.

The organisation has come from a legacy of contract register spreadsheets, where there were often five or six different versions, or even different companies holding their own contracts independently. Proactis has removed the silos of disparate contract information and reduced duplication. Although going through a data cleansing exercise, many contracts are already in the Proactis system. As these contracts are contained in one online platform, changes are visible and information is accessible to everyone.

By also utilising Proactis invoice automation functionality, the whole Source-to-Pay process is intrinsically linked, with Procurement and Finance working hand in hand to ensure ‘straight-through processing.'