Supplier Network

Proactis offers a single online platform for efficient business-to-business communication and commerce for every organisation. Business buyers can easily connect and do business with business suppliers of all sizes. Thousands of users make many millions of transactions via our worldwide business network, utilizing multiple local and international suppliers of the most diverse products and services.


The single online platform is for commercial transactions and communication with your customers, making it faster, easier and more efficient for you to do business. You will be following in the footsteps of many thousands of suppliers. It is easy to register on the Proactis Supplier Network, and free of charge.

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The easiest way to get set up on the Supplier Network is to ask your customer for an invitation to register on the platform. Once you accept the invitation and complete the registration, you’ll be automatically connected to your customer via the Proactis platform. Are you doing business with multiple customers who are using the Proactis platform? You only need to register one single time to get connected to all your customers on the platform. 

Connecting suppliers

As a supplier it is important to you that your customers’ procurement system is open and accessible. There are a number of ways to connect easily to the Proactis platform, ranging from a simple web application to complete system integration.

Proactis makes a distinction between internal catalogues and external catalogues (OCI). Internal catalogues mean that the supplier can enter products and services (import or manually) in your supplier environment on our system. With an OCI interface, the information on products and services remain on your server and these are collected (’round-trip’) from the server. 
Internal catalogues

Do business easily with your customers through our online application. This gives you access (free of charge) to a range of user-friendly facilities in order to communicate effectively with the purchasing organisations. For example, you can present and manage your catalogue, receive orders and send invoices. You can design the interface to your requirements and ensure that the information is always up to date. This offers many benefits. You will receive an approved purchase order more quickly, and have immediate insight into orders, invoices and payment status. Invoices are paid more quickly and the risk of errors is much smaller. You can ensure that the range and the prices in the supplier environment matches the contractual agreements made with the customer.

External catalogues

With the external catalogues the guiding principle is that the product and price information remains physically on your own server. Using the Open Catalog Interface protocol it is possible for your customers to make a product selection in the selling environment (‘look and choose’). This is particularly suitable for large and dynamic catalogues, for products with many options and products which need to be modified specifically for each custome.

Efficient communication

Proactis also offers you practical support with the efficient handling of all the required communication concerning logistical processes. You can easily use the system to inform customers whether products are in stock or not. You can also use your unique environment to automatically provide the buying party with information concerning logistics, deal with possible complaints and communicate about the processing. It is thereby also possible to keep your personal profile up to date. The environment is also multi-language, and therefore highly suitable for international suppliers as well. Because your customer can constantly monitor the status of every purchase order (tracking and changing) much less time is spent on dealing with enquiries.

100% digital

Procurement organisations are increasingly consciously opting for a digital platform in order to support their procurement or tendering process. Naturally this can offer opportunities for gains with regard to costs, compliance, efficiency and transparency. Including for suppliers.

Submitting tenders can be time-consuming. With Proactis you can respond rapidly to invitations to tender and the process becomes considerably simpler and clearer. The purchasing organisation can provide you with (temporary) access to a supplier environment in order to be certain that tenders are drafted consistently. This guarantees compliance and standardisation in the ultimate comparison of the tenders. In the system you can see whether there are invitations to tender ready for you, and you can rapidly provide the required specific or general information through the user-friendly environment. Once you are linked to a digital invitation to tender, you can add colleagues using a personal login and work as a team on completing the price lists and questionnaires.

Transparent tendering process

The system helps the buying party to divide the invitation to tender/tendering process clearly into questionnaires, groups of questions and questions. This makes it easier for you as a supplier to complete the invitation. For example, you know in advance whether a question is a ‘knockout’ criterion, how much weight will be assigned to a question and what method (multiple choice or open) will be used to evaluate the questions. The risk of errors in the assessment is substantially reduced, objectivity is assured and discrimination is ruled out. In the award phase you can clearly see how the final score was calculated and on which points you did or did not score. Every tender is stored and remains available for review in the Proactis application. You can therefore find all information, answers and documents in the system. The questionnaires and answers can easily be exported to Excel and PDF.

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