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Business Spend

Obtain better insight and control of your business spend

From sourcing projects, contract management and procurement transactions to supplier collaboration and automated invoice processing, our integrated spend management solutions provide a platform for managing and controlling all purchasing and spend.

If you want to improve spend control, compliance, efficiency and achieve cost-savings, you’ve got to have a solid spend management process.

Your organization spends a large portion of its overall budget on the goods and services it needs to do its work – that’s a lot of money, and any savings you gain without giving up overall value go straight to the bottom line.


People throughout your organization spend time on the process of researching, buying and paying for it all – that’s manpower cost, and any efficiencies you gain go straight to increased productivity.


You rely on reliable, real-time data to keep control of costs, understand risks and monitor processes. The right information provides a detailed view of all spending and the insight required to effectively manage the financial and operational performance of your procurement.


The suppliers you use become an extension to your organization – ensuring their performance and compliance is as important as ensuring your own.

Those factors affect everything you do. So, when you think about transforming your spend management processes, think about the big picture: improving your bottom line by reducing cost and increasing value while at the same time making your whole organization more efficient, more effective and more successful at achieving its overall mission.

That’s exactly what our Business Spend Management solutions are designed to do.

Our Business Spend Management software, solutions and tools enable you to control, streamline, enhance and integrate any or all aspects of your spend management process
Source-to-Pay Solutions for the full range of Source-to-Pay processes, from sourcing to payment
Source-to-Contract Streamline your tactical procurement and achieve best value
Purchase-to-Pay Achieve greater control and visibility of your business spend
Expert Services Achieve best value from your Source-to-Pay solutions
Delivery Services Take your initiatives to the next level with implementation and integration services
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