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Proactis Sourcing Software

Streamline, standardize and enhance all aspects of your strategic sourcing process to achieve greater value

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We understand your 
Sourcing challenges

  • You constantly need to find the best products and services for the best price and the most favorable terms and conditions.
  • Evaluating supplier responses on paper can be labor-intensive and time consuming.
  • Rules that govern the sourcing process are constantly changing and complex.
  • It is difficult to define and track sourcing processes.


We have 
the solution

With Proactis Sourcing you can obtain best value for the organization by improving the effectiveness and transparency of both strategic and tactical sourcing processes, while dramatically reducing administrative time and effort.
Proactis Sourcing provides a series of flexible, collaborative, and efficient methods for performing effective sourcing processes. It enables a structured, transparent, and easily tracked process from expression of need through to final contract award. 

What you can do
Manage sourcing events with ease and professionalism

Proactis Sourcing makes it easy to define and manage each sourcing event as a project with a sequence of one-time and iterative stages. It's easy to see who 'owns' each activity, where things stand, and when the event will be completed. That way, you can establish consistent, compliant processes for every event.

Efficient and transparent qualification

The solution will support you when documenting your sourcing strategy. You can deploy the software for all types of products and item groups. Regardless of whether this concerns relatively simple quotation processes or extremely complex events. The system guides you through the qualification process of suppliers in the fastest and most efficient manner and will, at the same time, capture all relevant data. This will guarantee a transparent and objective process where you can always demonstrate the validity of choices.

Get exactly what you need, every time

The solution helps you collaboratively define your selection criteria, specify questions, confirm contractual preferences and requirements and score responses automatically. You can create documents with questions that express precisely what your requirements are and what you need to know about the participating suppliers. It then streamlines the process of publishing them as RFI, RFP and/or RFQs. Finally, it structures and automates the process of scoring responses so you can confidently select the right option.

Create a level playing field for competitive bidding

Suppliers can respond to a request through the system, after which you can compare the delivered information simply and objectively. Besides this, you can negotiate online with multiple suppliers – the solutions online auctions (eAuctions). Once you have made your choice, the selected proposal will be converted into an order or contract automatically.

Work smarter with a consistently effective end-to-end approach to sourcing 

With Proactis 
you can achieve:

  • Fast and efficient supplier qualification process.
  • Manual or automatic selection of suppliers.
  • Reduced cost of supplier non-performance and non-compliance.
  • Reduced administrative cost per agreement.
  • Improved process compliance and transparency.
  • Better communication with suppliers.
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