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Project Management

Configure and manage your sourcing projects smartly

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We understand your 
Project Management challenges

  • Strategic procurement processes are often complex projects.
  • Projects demand structure and transparency throughout.
  • There is a risk of documentation getting lost.
  • Projects are difficult to track.
  • All your strategic buyers work in a different way.


We have 
the solution

Proactis Project Management supports your procurement projects from the initial set-up and planning stage, all the way through to implementation and delivery.
Best practise templates increase efficiency and standardize your projects ensuring that all involved will have a clear overview of the project and their tasks. You will always have complete insight into the relevant project information. 


What you can do
Configure your projects,

With Proactis you can define standard projects that you can reuse again at any given time. Project Managers do not need to set up each project from scratch. This ensures that knowledge is not lost and every project becomes a best practice example. Additionally, buyers are not burdened with administration work.

Share information,

All project information can be stored at one location. The Project Manager, project group and others have all the resources they need to share documents, procurement processes and other relevant materials. Proactis Project Management ensures that all internal and external project members have the correct information at all times.

Target your
project management

Cost-cutting goals can be included in any event or sourcing project within the software. This means that you can report on the success of a project after the event, providing valuable information for future projects.

Work smarter with
project-driven procurement

With Proactis 
you can achieve:

  • Clear overview of all projects.
  • One location for all project information.
  • Increased project efficiencies with standardized projects.
  • Better internal and external project partnerships.
  • Complete audit trail.
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