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Powerful reporting for insight into your performance and smarter buying decisions

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We understand 
your Reporting challenges

  • Analyzing spending patterns and performance is a challenge.
  • Good, reliable data may be available, but not easily accessible.
  • Data held in multiple disparate systems is often in different languages or currencies.
  • You want to keep control of costs, understand risks and monitor them efficiently with suitable reporting.


We have 
the solution

Proactis’ powerful reporting solutions ensure that you constantly have the right information, at the right time. You can have 100% insight into your organization’s financial and operational performance.
Proactis Reporting gives access to information from all Proactis solutions and other (purchasing) solutions. The result is a comprehensive collection of rich data and a complete overview of all your organization’s business spend, even if this information is from different systems in different languages and currencies. 

What you can do
Standard and/or
customized reports

You have several options for presenting the required information - as a cluster per supplier, product group, period, location, cost center or supplier status. The solution has a large number of standard reports, but if you wish to analyze the data in a different way, you can create customized reports. You can set up the system to automatically create and receive the required reports via email at a set time.

One gateway
for all your data

Data from your entire procurement process is stored centrally and automatically processed on a daily basis and converted into immediately usable management reports. Proactis Reporting works with all commonly available procurement applications and gives a detailed overview of the total spend over a certain period and each transaction can be drilled down to the lowest possible level of detail.

Transparent management

For management information reporting, the solution uses business intelligence software. You can show the required information easily and integrate them into PDF, Excel or other file formats. If you work with other business intelligence software at your organization, then you can also deliver data from the data warehouse to your software.

Smarter tools for streamlined financial and operational performance reporting 

With Proactis 
you can achieve:

  • One gateway to all of your spend information.
  • Comprehensive management reports based on a rich set of data.
  • Simple and practical analysis options.
  • Better insight into, and control of, your financial and operational performance.
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