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Expenses Management

Control “after-the-event” purchase claims,
from receipt to accounting

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We understand 
your Expenses Management challenges

  • The processing of expenses is time-consuming and paper-intensive, often without appropriate authorization.
  • Receipts are often lost or damaged.
  • Costs are often attributed to the wrong accounts or departments.
  • An increasing number of unjustified claims.
  • Employees often become frustrated with the process, or with delays in settlement.


We have 
the solution

Proactis Expenses fully digitalizes the expenses claim and filing process, not only saving time and money but empowering employees to submit claims accurately and with ease. This in turn, enhances the management experience by minimizing the authorization process and by offering instant access to overview reports.
Through the Proactis Expenses App, employees working remotely or travelling can submit their expenses easily. The solution is ultra-flexible too, handling multiple claims at any time.


What you can do
Digitize your

Proactis Expenses allows employees to claim receipts digitally, making expense claim forms a thing of the past. Instead of keeping paper receipts, employees simply take a picture of the receipt using the native smartphone App and place them in an online overview with one click. Supervisors are then able to approve or reject the claim in the overview and, due to seamless links to the financial system, streamline the whole process.

Faster payment
of claims

Employees can manage all actions relating to their claims directly in the App - not only recording of claims, mileage and other reimbursements, but also access to summaries and submission to management. The status of claims are viewable on the App, along with clear expense guidelines. The solution is convenient for the employee whose claims are paid faster. As the App can also be used offline, expenses incurred abroad can be easily claimed back as receipts in foreign currency will be directly converted into dollarsor appropriate currency.

Get real-time

The solution provides real-time insight into the actual costs incurred. By allocating costs to categories and projects, you can gain better and faster insights into potential savings opportunities. By allocating budgets to specific categories, it becomes easier to control costs. In addition, all receipts are kept for 10 years.

Make the expenses process fast, fair and compliant 

Spend management starts here
With Proactis 
you can achieve:

  • Overview of all expenses incurred.
  • Secure online storage for 10 years.
  • Full compliance with tax service requirements.
  • Access anytime, anywhere via iPhone and Android Apps.
  • Streamlined process with no need to keep physical receipts.
  • Seamless links to your finance system.
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