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Budget Management

Make smarter decisions based on real-time budget information

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We understand 
your Budget Management challenges

  • Managing costs and expenses is a time- and resource-intensive process.
  • It’s easy to lose sight of budget information.
  • Budgets are often inaccurate and hard to manage.
  • Employees often spend more time on budgets than on core business activities.
  • Valuable productivity is lost due to excessive time taken to perform administrative tasks.


We have 
the solution

Proactis Budget Management provides real-time insight into budgets using clear dashboards and reports. With this up-to-date information, budget managers can control their spending and make better decisions based on reliable, accurate data.
The solution provides highly effective budget management to not only help you manage your cash better, but to create and maintain financial control, and improve your financial and performance measurement. This added control greatly enhances cost awareness around your organization.

What you can do
budget control

Proactis Budget Management provides extensive budget management and monitoring functionality and seamlessly links with our complete Purchase-to-Pay platform for contract management, ordering, hiring of external staff, and invoicing. Budgets can be monitored from both the order process and the invoicing process, providing you with real-time control. Budgets no longer need to be manually adjusted each time changes are made.

Flexibility to
allocate budgets

Within the system, budgets can be allocated to among others but not limited to departments, cost centers, cost types or users at multiple levels so you can monitor budgets at any time and display budget usage throughout the year. Budgets can even be updated from external financial or ERP systems. In addition, you can easily create budgets by entering them directly into Proactis, via an imported Excel document or through an interface from the financial system.

up-to-date insight

Budget managers can immediately see the impact on the budget when assessing a contract, purchase order or invoice. They can then determine whether to reject or approve it based on current information and what's available. Once committed, it is automatically reserved so approved orders, contracts and invoices that are in circulation, as well as the payments already made, are deducted from the budget. You always have insight into the remaining budget. Automatic alerts are issued when budgets are going to be exceeded.

Clear budget

The solution provides all your budget information in a single dashboard specifically for budget reporting. This gives you a clear picture of costs and expenses at both individual and company-wide levels. Budgets can be defined based on multiple criteria, such as departments, cost centers, cost types, commodity groups, users, and combinations of these. This makes it possible to capture an organization’s complete budget plan and to view budgets at any level, down to the smallest detail.

Continuous, up-to-date insight into available budget 

With Proactis 
you can achieve:

  • Clear, easy-to-follow information in a dashboard for budget reports.
  • Real-time insight and analysis of current budget.
  • Automatic updates of budgets when orders and invoices are amended.
  • Simple import and export of budgets from and to financial system.
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