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Catalog Management

Get suppliers on board easily, while efficiently managing catalogs

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We understand your 
Catalog Management challenges

  • Employees need to be able to find and order products easily so should have access to the complete range of products offered by your suppliers.
  • Supplier products don't always have reliable product information and current prices.
  • Inadequate item information that results in uninformed purchases and inability to make comparisons.
  • Paper-based catalogs leading to out-of-date information and multiple incorrect versions


We have 
the solution

Whether you want to create new catalogs or maintain existing catalogs, Proactis Catalog Management offers you the right technical support - for a fraction of the time and cost that it takes your organization when you do this in-house.
With Proactis, you can be sure that your employees are ordering using current contracts (contract compliance), but also within the approved procedures and budgets. Catalogs from new suppliers can be available to your organization as quickly as possible. 

What you can do
Get suppliers on board easily

We offer a variety of solutions to enable suppliers to connect to your system easily, from a simple web application through to full system integration. We make a distinction between internal catalogs and external catalogs (OCI). Internal catalogs mean that the supplier can enter products and services in the supplier environment, with OCI the information on products and services remain on the supplier’s server and these are “collected” from the supplier’s server.

Efficient management of catalogs

Our experienced professionals take over the technical execution of new catalogs and ensure seamless integration with your live system. If you want to import or update product information in your online catalog in bulk, we can provide you with the desired result within the required timescale. We can import or update a wide range of information, including product details (brand, product name, price), product variants (colour, size), product description and specifications, SKU, product category, cost center, etc.

Benefit from real-time information

With our expertize and proven technology you can be sure that your catalogs and related data are always complete and up-to-date. Proactis boasts high quality standards, independently tested against the ISAE 3402. This provides assurances of the accuracy, completeness, timeliness and reliability of our processes and audit measures.

Classify the goods and services your organization needs

With Proactis 
you can achieve:

  • Streamlined purchasing process while maintaining control of spend.
  • Efficient management of your catalogs and better collaboration with your suppliers.
  • Elimination of the need to manually manage multiple catalogs and thousands of line items
  • Reduced administration cost and effort with supplier self-service catalog maintenance.
  • Catalogs and related data that are always complete and up-to-date.
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