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Manufacturers are struggling with stricter legislation for financial reporting and risk management, but there are ways to control costs and accelerate performance so you can focus on product innovation and growth

The manufacturing sector is experiencing an immense amount of change that’s been driven by a highly competitive environment. Focus on product innovation, manufacturing speed, supply chain risks and process excellence is required for success. International competition is also becoming more intense and buyer requirements are higher than ever.

Against this backdrop of rapid progress and development, organizations are having to re-evaluate their entire supply chains. This puts greater pressure than ever on the skills of Procurement teams to help reduce costs and meet new challenges. And it requires resilient, compliant and transparent processes to operate more effectively and mitigate risk. 

In this competitive environment, sustained spend management is essential to success. It's fundamental to achieving goals, satisfying stakeholders and delighting customers. But clear visibility into total expenditure isn’t always possible, many purchases are off-contract and managing supplier interaction, performance and commerce is increasingly difficult.
Achieve the next level of purchasing and supply chain performance 
Proactis is working with organizations in the manufacturing sector to improve procurement capacity, accelerate performance and effectively manage supply chain risk, ensuring consistency and excellence in an ever-more competitive environment. We will enable you to take the correct strategic decisions to achieve more efficiency and higher innovative capabilities.
With Proactis, Procurement teams can reinvent their contribution. Whether that is maintaining oversight of supplier discovery and sourcing, driving value-based contracting and achieving collaborative supplier performance management; or ensuring compliant spending and freeing R&D and other value-critical personnel from time consuming procure-to-pay tasks. Leading organizations have been able to realize significant costs savings by deploying Proactis solutions.
We've teamed up with leading manufacturing organizations to make it happen:
Our solutions don't just add technology for the sake of it,
they create savings, value and competitive advantage.
A leading US manufacturing organisation transformed its Purchase-to-Pay process...

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...with Proactis which enabled them to set up catalogues with contracted pricing from the initial sourcing events – resulting in approximately 30% savings.
A world leader in manufacturing premium quality, safety and sustainability solutions…

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X using Proactis as a complete end-to-end Purchase-to-Pay and invoice management solution for the whole group to improve control of services spend, which accounts for 50% of its total €250 million expenditure.