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Proactis for
Housing Authorities
and Real Estate

Keeping pace with rapid change – and satisfying everyone – is the new mantra for housing authorities and real estate companies

Housing companies are going through massive change as demand continues to outstrip supply, property portfolios become more diverse, new regulations are introduced, social policy shifts constantly, and budgets are under mounting pressure.

Your procurement and finance decisions play a pivotal role as to whether your organisation can meet the rising expectations of tenants, communities, employees, stakeholders, funding organizations and regulatory authorities.

The trouble is, traditional operating models cannot cope with so many fast-moving pieces. So it's no wonder that innovative strategies, fresh operating practices and new technologies are gaining traction with forward-thinking executives.
Take a fresh look at how you manage spend
Gain greater value for money by improving methods for sourcing, purchasing and paying for the wide range of services and products your organization buys.

With Proactis, you can use new capabilities to run your operations more effectively and affordably. As a result, you can allocate more of your scarce budget to the central mission of providing homes, services and hope to disadvantaged communities. Respond to market and regulatory changes in a way that drives greater efficiency and compliance within key back-office processes.
We're making it happen for housing companies:
Our solutions don't just add technology for the sake of it,
they create savings, value and competitive advantage.
One of the UK’s largest housing associations which manages 67,000 homes and employs more than 1200 staff in 18 locations...

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…deployed Proactis Supplier Management alongside their existing Proactis Purchase-to-Pay and Expenses solutions. The solution is being used to improve and streamline supplier recruiting, qualification, performance review and information management. It will enable the association to consolidate all supplier information into a central supplier directory with profiles, capabilities, categories and other supplier intelligence. This can be used to quickly find suppliers to fill a need and enables its professionals to analyse/rationalise the supplier base when appropriate.
A leading medium-sized social housing association looking after approximately 3,000 homes...

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…uses Proactis Purchase-to-Pay to provide control and visibility of all goods and services purchases. With approximately £20m in turnover, this association processes about 10,000 invoices a year with nearly 400 active suppliers in support of approximately 530 employees and 138 different property schemes. Many purchases are initiated by on-site personnel for anything from repair orders with contractors to catering for events and maintenance supplies.