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Proactis spend management
solutions and tools for 

We can help with 
your immediate priorities

  • Reduce time spent answering questions from suppliers.
  • Have full insight into the status of order requisitions and invoices.
  • Save time and effort with an easy and intuitive online ordering process.
  • Prevent unnecessary or unauthorized purchases.
  • Make purchases anytime and anywhere.


Simplify your ordering process with intuitive tools

A procurement platform offers many benefits when it comes to efficiency and cost savings, but a system can only be successful if everyone enjoys working with it. You therefore want a user-friendly solution which enables you to easily place order requisitions. After all, you want to be able to find and order a product easily and monitor the status through to receipt.

Your goals
Reduce the number of orders outside current contracts

With a few clicks you can select from approved catalogs containing the complete product range from preferred suppliers, reliable product information and current prices. Only then can you be sure that you are ordering within current contracts, and within the approved procedures and budgets. You can dramatically reduce the number of instances where employees feel the need to ‘go around the system’ and make maverick purchases.

Ensure everyone can use the solution, no matter their IT literacy

We develop innovative software applications which lead the pack in terms of user experience, and everyone in your organization has direct access to the same information and documents. Open communication and reliable information ensure efficient collaboration. Our solutions fit best with our users’ day-to-day activities in terms of both functionality and user experience.

Enable your organization to realize negotiated savings by helping employees quickly find what they need from established suppliers and contracts

We work with you 
and your teams to:

  • Improve how suppliers are selected, how contracts are managed, and how the right information is made available to the organization.
  • Prevent unnecessary, unauthorized and fraudulent purchases.
  • Ensure open communication and reliable information - with colleagues and suppliers.
  • Fast track deployment and ensure broad adoption.
  • Have 24/7 visibility and access, from any location.
Procurement (Buying) Achieve best value and obtain full control over your procurement
Workforce (Hiring) Lower costs by getting a grip on hiring temporary staff
Purchase-to-Pay Spend Intelligence Get a 360˚ view of all your business spend
Deliver bottom-line value to your business by choosing spend management solutions without unnecessary costs and complexity:

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