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Proactis spend management
solutions and tools for
Procurement professionals

We can help with
your immediate priorities

  • Gain a clear picture of where your organization is spending today.
  • Achieve transparent, standardized procurement procedures with complete audit trail.
  • Get a handle on your organization’s existing supplier contracts and ensure contract compliance.
  • Prevent unnecessary, unauthorized and fraudulent purchases.
  • Maximize benefits from negotiated savings.


We've got what it takes
to enable you to succeed

We can help with your ‘Big Picture’ capacity, process and talent goals.
Beyond specific immediate priorities, you'll also have higher level issues that impact your ability to do more for your organization. As we work with enterprises around the world, Procurement Directors consistently tell us about three 'big picture' goals they have about the way their organization purchases goods and services.

Your goals

With Proactis you can:
  • Liberate your team from non-value-added tasks by automating many routine administrative functions.
  • Gain rapid access to important information your team needs.
  • Utilize category experts within your organization’s operational departments.
  • Enable more self-service buying throughout your organization while ensuring compliance.
Our range of services can also free up extra time for your team, so they can focus more on core activities like supplier development and contract negotiation.

Standardize on
best practices

With Proactis you can:
  • Automatically guide your procurement team and everyone involved through standardized, transparent, fully tracked sourcing processes.
  • Automatically guide employees through the right authorization processes, and to the right established suppliers and contracts for what they need.
  • Establish an online platform and process flows for consistent two-way interaction between you and your suppliers.
We'll act as an extension to your team, following the standardized processes you put in place.

Build more

With Proactis you can:
  • Make it easy for your Procurement team to learn and consistently follow ‘best practice’ procedures.
  • Free up time for outside or self-education on specific skills (i.e. negotiation) or spend categories by significantly reducing the time your people spend on routine admin tasks.
  • Leverage category talent from outside Procurement by enabling structured, standardized, workflow-driven processes that direct purchase requests.
Our services reduce the need to maintain staff with specialized skills or knowledge you only require on an occasional basis.

Increase savings, reduce
risk and improve
efficiencies by increasing your organization’s level of Spend under Management

We work with you 
and your teams to:

  • Improve how suppliers are selected, how contracts are managed, and how the right information is made available to your organization.
  • Improve how purchases are authorized, how budgets are managed, and how invoices are processed.
  • Tie everything together to make good purchasing practices a natural part of the way your organization operates and cost consciousness a natural part of your organization’s culture.
Sourcing Streamline, standardize and enhance all aspects of your strategic sourcing process
Contract Management Achieve complete contract compliance and drive maximum value from every supplier contract
Vendor Management Gain full control of the vendor lifecycle and improve performance
Project Management Configure and manage your sourcing projects smartly
Procurement (Buying) Achieve best value and obtain full control over your procurement
Deliver bottom-line value to your business by choosing spend management solutions without unnecessary costs and complexity:

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