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Proactis spend management
solutions and tools for
Finance professionals

We can help with 
your immediate priorities

  • Enable effective control of budgets.
  • Maintain visibility of purchase commitments.
  • Prevent payment of duplicate or incorrect invoices.
  • Minimize the cost and time of invoice processing. 
  • Have 24/7 visibility of invoice status.
  • Ensure complete transparency and audit trail for procurement and invoicing process.


We can help with your ‘Big Picture’ capacity, process and talent goals

Beyond specific immediate priorities, you'll also have higher level issues that impact your ability to do more for your organization. As we work with enterprises around the world, CFOs consistently tell us about three 'big picture' goals they have about the way their organization purchases goods and services.


Your goals
Increase visibility of what we are spending

With Proactis you can:
  • Enable greater control of budgets and cash flow with consolidated visibility of departmental budgets, up-to-date expenditures and outstanding commitments.
  • Reduce financial ‘surprises’ by summarizing 'spend versus budget' information from across the organization.
  • Improve supplier rationalization and supplier agreement negotiations with full visibility of spend by category and supplier.
Our services help you learn how to take maximum advantage of the tremendous range and depth of information that becomes available.

Improve compliance with purchasing policies

With Proactis you can:
  • Ensure proper authorization by automating the request-to-approval process using electronic workflow and business rules.
  • Enable your organization to realize negotiated savings by helping employees quickly find what they need from established suppliers and contracts.
  • Dramatically reduce the number of instances where employees feel the need to ‘go around the system’ and make maverick purchases.
Our range of services help you to fast track deployment and ensure broad adoption.

Improve the quality of your AP process

With Proactis you can:
  • Dramatically reduce the number of invoices requiring manual validation with automation.
  • Reduce the effort required within AP to resolve discrepancies using electronic workflow.
  • Eliminate paper invoices and time spent answering supplier calls and emails by utilizing electronic invoice methods.
  • Gain insight in and control over your invoices and produce accurate financial reports instantly.
Our services turn paper and email invoices into ‘ready-to-process’ electronic invoice records.

Increase savings, reduce risk and improve efficiencies through greater control and visibility of how your organization purchases and pays for goods and services

We work with you 
and your teams to:

  • Improve how purchases are authorized, how budgets are managed, and how invoices are processed.
  • Tie everything together to make good purchasing practices a natural part of how your organization operates, and cost consciousness a natural part of your organization’s culture.
  • Improve transparency and efficiency across your organization by making the right information available at all times.
  • Help you and your Procurement team work jointly to reduce costs of goods and services, minimize risk associated with suppliers, make it easy for your staff to purchase what they really need, improve the efficiency of the purchasing and payment process.
  • Streamline your year- and month-end processes and ensure transparency throughout. 
  • Ensure accurate reporting of your financial data in accordance with current laws and regulations. 
Invoice Management Streamline invoice processing and clearing and gain real-time visibility
Budget Management Make smarter decisions based on real-time budget information
Invoice Scan & Capture Drive down costs and increase 'straight-through' processing
Expense Management Control “after-the-event” purchase claims, from receipt to accounting
Procurement (Buying) Achieve best value and obtain full control over your procurement
Workforce (Hiring) Lower costs by getting a grip on hiring temporary staff
Spend Intelligence and Reporting Spend Intelligence and Reporting software, solutions and tools for your Purchase-to-Pay processes
Deliver bottom-line value to your business by choosing spend management solutions without unnecessary costs and complexity:

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