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Proactis spend management
solutions and tools for 
Accounts Payable professionals

We can help with 
your immediate priorities

  • Accelerate lead time of invoice handling process.
  • Prevent penalties for late payment or payment of duplicate/incorrect invoices.
  • Minimize the cost of your AP process.
  • Eliminate a high percentage of paper invoices.
  • Have 24/7 visibility of invoice status.


Approve your processes while cutting cost and complexity

Your organization processes large numbers of purchase invoices every year. Dealing with every invoice manually is a labor-intensive and error-prone process that can lead to a lag quite quickly. Particularly when invoices get lost, or if it is unclear who has made the requisition or when there is a need to speed up payment of a particular invoice. Unnecessary delays can lead to penalties for late payment and missing out on payment discounts.

Automating your invoice processing offers many benefits when it comes to efficiency and cost savings.

Your goals
Speed up
your processes

You can improve efficiencies, realize cost savings and improve the quality of the Accounts Payable process. Gain insight in and control over your invoices and produce accurate financial reports instantly. A clear audit trail supports accurate reporting of your financial data in accordance with current laws and regulations.

Make processing hands-free, and paper-free

Processing becomes highly streamlined because information is automatically made available in the system. Invoice receipt, review, matching and approval can be automated, saving hours for your staff, while stopping fraud and error. Faster processing leads to easier cash management, swifter payments and early discounts. Further increase efficiencies by eliminating the use of paper invoices with any type or size of supplier.

100% digital

With Proactis your processes are digital and automated. Process all your invoices quickly and accurately, link them to your financial system, deliver them to the correct budget holder for approval, pay them and archive them. Our proven technology supports you with the conversion to 100% digital invoices. The combination of eInvoicing and a worldwide service for scanning and capturing paper documents means that you can receive all your invoices digitally.

Unlock the strategic
value of Accounts Payable

We work with you 
and your teams to:

  • Speed up and improve your Accounts Payable process by fully automating invoice approval, matching and workflow using a single system.
  • Reduce the effort required within AP to resolve discrepancies using electronic workflow.
  • Dramatically reduce the number of invoices requiring manual validation with automation
  • Gain insight in and control over your invoice.
  • Eliminate resource-intensive tasks and administration work.
Invoice Management Streamline invoice processing and clearing and gain real-time visibility
Budget Management Make smarter decisions based on real-time budget information
Invoice Scan & Capture Drive down costs and increase 'straight-through' processing
Spend Intelligence and Reporting Spend Intelligence and Reporting software, solutions and tools for your Purchase-to-Pay processes
Procurement (Buying) Achieve best value and obtain full control over your procurement
Workforce (Hiring) Lower costs by getting a grip on hiring temporary staff
Accelerated Payment Facility Create convenient, frictionless cash flow through Accounts Payable (Coming soon)
Deliver bottom-line value to your business by choosing spend management solutions without unnecessary costs and complexity:

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