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Gain visibility
and control of spend


After payroll, the biggest source of cost in almost all organizations is the procurement of the expense items, outside services and capital items needed to support your organization's operations - the items that represent the “cost of doing business”. Employees need the ability to buy what the business requires - without delay. But the organization also needs to ensure purchases are properly authorized before they take place.


You can now gain visibility and control of your corporate expenditure. Replace manual purchasing methods with online tools. Enable rule-based workflow to automate the approval routing based on established financial and organizational criteria. Convert approved requisitions to orders and deliver them automatically to suppliers in the preferred format. Receipt goods and services and collect coding information online. Automate the entire invoice registration, validation, matching and payment approval process. Purchasing becomes ultra-simple for everyone, with each transaction authorized and recorded accurately. The invoice management process becomes highly streamlined and automated.

Proactis capabilities:

  • Ensure compliance with established rules and workflow.
  • Make it easy for employees to do the right thing and buy from preferred suppliers.
  • Make authorization easy for managers and buyers using workflow technology.
  • Automate the matching process with all the right information about purchases captured and available.
  • Speed resolution of discrepancies with electronic troubleshooting.
  • Accelerate the overall buying and Accounts Payable process to lower cost per transaction.
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