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Guest webinar: Optimising on-contract spend with Newcastle University

Learn how Newcastle University is optimising on-contract spend with the Proactis Marketplace

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Learn how Newcastle University is optimising on-contract spend with the Proactis Marketplace.

Newcastle University’s Neil Addison, Head of Procurement, Finance and Planning, and Rachel Jones, Procurement Assistant, discuss how the University has worked with Proactis to drive extra value around the University by enabling staff to make better purchasing decisions, improving purchasing processes and compliance, and reducing paper and manual processes.

Learn first-hand how the University was able to:

  • Drive upfront visibility of commitments with upfront orders to pre-determined suppliers. 
  • Improve category management with faster ordering times and savings from lower prices. 
  • Simplify approval routes and reduce maverick spending around the University. 
  • Achieve a low-cost, streamlined way to process orders for the University and its suppliers. 
  • Establish a secure ‘online store’ that connects employees to major suppliers’ websites and catalogues. 
  • Enable buyers to move seamlessly from the University’s SAP ERP interface to its suppliers’ websites and hosted catalogues.