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Gain actionable insights
into organisation-wide

Spend Analysis Services 

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We understand
your challenges

  • Obtaining a complete picture of what is being purchased.
  • Disparate, incomplete and inaccurate data.
  • Identifying ways to generate savings, reduce risk and improve performance.
  • Keeping up with recent activity for a complete spend picture.
  • General reporting tools that are difficult to use for spend analysis.


We have
the solution

The Proactis Spend Analysis Services provide a complete picture of your organisation’s spend. You will know exactly what is going on. Spend Analysis can be the driver for just about everything you do to create value for your organisation.

We perform the initial set-up, familiarise you with the tools and set you loose. We guide you through the initial broad-based analysis to identify and prioritise your immediate opportunities. Then we can operate the on-gong spend data repository updates and perform periodic analytic reviews to provided perspective.

What you can do
Let us do the hard work so you can get the visibility you need

Our spend analysis specialists have dealt with all these issues and more.

We can quickly put powerful ready-to-use analytical tools along with clean, classified data into the hands of your Procurement and Financial teams. 

We have the right tools for the job

Our spend analysis team utilises our advanced cloud-based spend analysis technology as the foundation of our service. Using our comprehensive toolset, we start by performing an initial data acquisition, cleansing, enrichment and classification process on data from Proactis P2P and/or any other systems that contain your supplier and purchase transaction data. Then we set up a repeatable process to automatically add new activity on a regular basis so your spend data is always up to date. 

We provide your complete spend picture

With your central spend data repository in place, we work with you to use our powerful analytical tools to gain the actionable insights you need. We help you look at your spend by category, department and cost centre. We help you look at your spend by supplier and supplier groupings, and at your top suppliers and ‘tail spend’ by spend and transaction volume, and by geography. We show KPIs that identify opportunities for compliance and process improvement, fraud detection and more. 

We understand what you really want to do

Next, something remarkable can happen. Spend analysis is just a means to an end. So we work with you to use your new-found insights to do what you really want to do: identify savings opportunities so you can capture, identify potential risks so you can manage them, and identify compliance and process problems so you can fix them. Soon you'll see how Proactis Spend Analysis can be the engine to consistently drive year-over-year savings and value creation in many different ways. 

Get beyond the basics, put spend analysis to work

With Proactis you
an achieve:

  • Spend data you can trust – with clean, enriched and classified data.
  • Actionable insights – with ready to use transactional and supplier data views.
  • Rapid return on investment – from improved compliance, reduced risk and streamlined processes.
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