PROACTIS services include:

  • Transition Services:
    PROACTIS Transition Services include a range of consulting, software, training and support services to ensure you gain rapid return on investment and ongoing value from your Spend Control and eProcurement investments.
  • Advisory Services:
    PROACTIS provides a number of advisory services to help you identify savings opportunities and get more spend under management.
  • Category Services:
    PROACTIS provides commodity management services through category supply partners that specialise in ensuring you realise the lowest prices and best value for a number of different tail-spend categories.
  • Managed Services:
    PROACTIS provides a number of managed services that relieve you of the need to handle specialised operational functions, allowing you to concentrate on core areas of your business.


'No-Brainers': Simple, cost-effective ways to improve your level of Spend Control


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